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June 2020
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Sadness is a no gO-Zone

The Copeland Gallery
Unit 9I
Copeland Park
133 Copeland Rd
SE15 3SN

August 02 to August 04 2019


Friday 02nd August: 18:00 – 23:30
Saturday 03rd August: 11:30 – 19:00
Sunday 04th August: 11:00 – 18:00


Adapt, a climate club using art and design to combat climate change, are exhibiting works from 50 artists after a successful Kickstarter campaign at The Copeland Gallery, Peckham on 02-04 August 2019.

Titled Sadness is a no gO-Zone, the free-to-attend exhibition will feature pieces from 50 European artists and will be used to raise awareness of the biggest issues facing the planet – from energy to travel to re-wilding – through the lens of creativity in a bid to land more impactful messaging and promote action.

Adapt (short for Adaptive Capacity) consists of a team of volunteers and all artists and designers who will feature in the Sadness is a no gO-Zone exhibition have donated their time for free, responding to a collaborative brief using Adapt’s existing language. The tongue-in-cheek slogans given in the design brief included phrases such as ‘Feeling Hot Hot Hot’, ‘Solar, So Good’, ‘Shall We Clear The Air?’ and more which has resulted in more than 50 creative interpretations in the form of graphic design and illustration.

“We started Adapt after seeing the majority of media communicating important information about the current environmental catastrophe in a really gloomy, exclusive and uninspiring way which didn’t resonate with us as creatives who wanted to take action.” Says Creative Director, Josie Tucker.

Producing Director, Richard Ashton, adds: “”We’re very grateful and happy that so many people have supported our Kickstarter campaign, it’s given us even more hope that there are so many people dedicated to highlighting our climate crisis!”

As well as the exhibition, there will be a tree planting challenge in collaboration with Ecosia (the search engine that plants trees), a protest flag making workshop, video installations, workshops and more.

Adapt are on course to raise all of their £3,300 goal after a month-long Kickstarter campaign. In return for pledges, Adapt offered branded stickers, posters, tote bags, T-shirts and signed prints.


For more information visit Adapt at



Friday 02nd August: Launch Night // 18:00 – 23:00

Come join us to kick off Sadness is a no gO-zone. With a bar run by 504 the Arch, Adapt’s friends behind the decks and a fundraising shop, make sure you don’t miss out!

Saturday 03rd August: Protest Flag Making // 18:00 – 23:30

Join artist Peach Doble get angry and make your own protest banner using fabric offcuts from local seamstresses. Resist! Persist! Protest!

Sunday 04th August: Urbogreens Farming // 15:00–16:30

Come see and learn about Jan Urbanowski’s vibrant urban farm. Urbogreens are grown year round using less water than traditional farming methods and without pesticides with fewer effects on the environment. This food is packed full of flavour and goodness, its hyper fresh and hyper local. Food can be purchased at here and during the launch night.

Sunday 04th August: Dropping Seed Bombs // 15:00–16:30

Become a guerrilla gardener and make your local environment wild! Learn how to make seed bombs and a difference in a hands on (and messy) workshop with Jon Halls, an artist and environmental activist.

Sunday 04th August: Designed Ecology // 15:00–16:30

Lauren Davies is the founder & creative director of ‘Designed Ecology’, a multidisciplinary design practice that seeks to address issues around species extinction and ecological inequality. Come hear her talk through the concept behind her modular habitat boxes found within the exhibition.

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