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Bright Works Project

Deptford Does Art
28 Deptford High Street

12-15 September 2019
PV: Friday 13 September (7-10 pm)

Gosia Poraj is pleased to announce Bright Works Project exhibition, hosted at the gallery floor at Deptford Does Art in South-East London.

This exhibition encompasses Gosia’s new painting series Removing Resistance as well as her collages in the context of artist’s ongoing social/art project (The Bright Works Project), which involves real stories of strangers she meets. Hope, being the main focus of the artist’s research is in the centre of understanding the collection of presented works. Gosia’s paintings and collages will be accompanied by the transcripts of her conversations, which inspired each piece from the project.

“I don’t get tempted to engage in politics in my practice. In the times of socio-political unrest and economic pressures, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed, but my path is different. Through my paintings and conversations with strangers I meet, I want to understand what drives the growth of a human and what helps us thrive, I’m focused on the future and want to see how others interpret reality. In the process of creating my works, I preserve these discoveries in something visual which seems to stop the time, capturing the connection between me and another person. Or between me and myself.”

Bold and lyrical works on paper are connected to nature and the surrounding world but are heavily processed by her views and coded into a language of forms. Creating this surreal universe of shapes and colours is a metaphor for the infinity of dreams. The paintings are controlled and rigid at times, for the slowing down is to guide the marks with intention.

Gosia Poraj is most recognised by her colourful abstract ink paintings on paper and the unique way of layering her colourful compositions. Her style of painting, especially planning and developing the work, was profoundly influenced by her education in printmaking. Gosia’s pieces aim for technical perfection and often puzzle the viewer to what method was used.

The main subject of Gosia’s abstracts is rooted in her memories of landscapes and human capacity. She’s created a lyrical vocabulary of symbols to represent the essence of familiar shapes found in nature. As part of her practice, she explores the psychology of hope and progress. This research informs her art, whilst creating a dialogue with the audience.

Gosia has an MFA in printmaking from the Academy of Fine Arts (Katowice, Poland). Main achievements include Bax Family Fine Art Award (2013) and Bronze award received during The Passion For Freedom Festival (2018).




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