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April 2020
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Igor Mitoraj – A Dialogue Between Art and History

One Canada Square (Lobby)

14 October to 22 November 2019
PV: Tuesday 15th October 6-8pm


Exhibiting in Canary Wharf this autumn, a documentary exhibition showing photographs of sculptures by the internationally-acclaimed artist Igor Mitoraj (1944 – 2014), whose works are found in public locations across some 44 towns and cities throughout the world.

Deriving in large part from the monograph “The Works of Igor Mitoraj: A Dialogue Between Art and History” by Dr Beata Klocek di Biasio, the exhibition presents large-scale photographs of publicly-sited sculptures by this artist who has been called “A Michelangelo from the East”. The photographs are accompanied by text, including the artist’s own words, which provide an insight into his life and inspiration.  Mitoraj’s work combines the antiquity of Greece and Rome with a postmodern sensibility; his enigmatic and haunting sculptures all portray the human figure, at times fragmented, hollow, and on a massive scale as well as in diminutive renditions.

Three sculptures by Igor Mitoraj have long been part of Canary Wharf Group’s permanent art collection and are located on the estate: Testa Addormentata (1983) on Bank Street, Centauro (1984) in Montgomery Square and Centurione I (1987) in Columbus Courtyard.  The scale of the pieces, which often tower over their urban or rural settings, merge ideally with Canary Wharf’s public spaces, triggering reflection in passers-by.  Di Biasio says “Ultimately Mitoraj’s public art reminds the passer-by of the roots of his or her civilisation and restores to European culture a unity on ancient, i.e. Greek, Roman and Judeo-Christian, foundations.”

The exhibition has been curated by Professor Bohdan Michalski and Dr Beata Klocek di Biasio of the Foundation for Dialogue in Warsaw and is supported by the Polish Cultural institute in London.


A private viewing of the exhibition will take place on Tuesday 15th October 6-8pm.

FREE but please contact Canary Wharf Public Art to reserve a place on 020 7418 2257 or email

The exhibition will go on show in October as part of Canary Wharf’s ongoing temporary exhibition programmer.  Since the inception of Canary Wharf’s cultural master plan, the arts have played an important role in the development and success of the 128-acre Estate.  Canary Wharf has one of the UK’s largest collections of public art, with more than 70 permanent works by over 50 world-renowned artists and craftsmen.

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