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Into a Light

Saatchi Prints & Originals Gallery
Duke of York’s HQ
King’s Road

28th September to 28th October 2018
PV: 27th September 2018

On the 28th October the Saatchi Gallery will open Into A Light, an exhibition of new paintings, drawings, and collages by seven artists currently selected by the Manchester and Cardiff based galleries, PAPER and LLE in the Prints & Originals Gallery. The exhibition marks a shared ideology and aesthetic between the two spaces, highlighting the wealth of talent in the regions, whilst maintaining a cutting edge conceptual programme that remains rooted in traditional mediums.

Into a Light brings together the work of seven artists who use the idea of fantasy but not in a fantastical way.  Another world is presented: a place rooted in personal experience but with a heightened focus; a kind of rupture in reality.  This focus can mutate the world and make us look upon it freshly, like in Catrin Llwyd Evans’ work which is constructed from drawings from life, imagination and found images.  These paintings come together and create another space, one that allows us to view, devoid of people, a landscape that is both imagined and real.  Artist Jo Berry presents us with hazy-bright ambiguous snapshots, alluding to landscapes or sometimes potentially sinister environments, while Casper White shows us another side of the world through reflective abstracted faces in his nightclub paintings.

Ruby Tingle’s practice is primarily concerned with the reconstruction of familiar forms to present and document the extraordinary as authentic. Her collages are rooted in natural history and aim to present an alternate folklore where boundaries between human and animal are obscured. Ilona Kiss generates drawn images of familiarity through the shared experience of our collective memory. The work remains on the cusp of these two worlds, through the existence of a higher reality or deeper set of truths, which we are unknowingly brought closer to by means of the individual unconscious. Lisa Wilkens’ interest in images is connected to their political and historical context and function. The drawn image offers a platform to address present situations and developments and to imagine and discuss a possible future. James Moore, is heavily informed by the aesthetics of games, comics, sci-fi novels and, sometimes, by real places. The painted scenes are never unbelievable spaces – they always stay close to the real, on the border of fiction.

About LLE

LLE is an artist-led curatorial project with a focus on contemporary painting. From a base in Wales LLE aims to showcase artists via projects, international art fairs and exhibitions.


PAPER is an artist-led, commercial gallery based in Manchester and represents a range of emerging and mid-career artists whose practice is based around the medium of paper. This ranges from drawing, painting, and printmaking to artist’s books, video, and performance. The gallery opened in August 2012 and has a regular programme of exhibitions, presenting the work of gallery artists as well as providing a platform for outside curatorial projects. PAPER is supported by Art Council England.

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