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April 2020
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The Boris Trump GoGo Show

48 Poland Street

October 31st and November 2nd (5pm to 5am)


Playing non-stop from 5pm to 5am, October 31st-2nd November 2019 at 48 Poland Street in Soho, WOTW’s latest project builds on their 2018 installation – a projection of Donald Trump dancing in a Shoreditch window like one of Amsterdam’s infamous Red Light Prostitutes – this time adding Boris Johnson dressed as an adult baby to the tease.

As the Brexit Halloween deadline fast approaches, the Prime Minister has cemented his place alongside President Trump as one of the leading figures of a resurgent, nationalistic, right-wing populism which warps and shifts ideas and narratives as it tries to win votes. WOTW aims to show such tactics for what they are – the shameless prostitution of ideology in pursuit of power. This new installation is a 3-minute film, projected on a loop from within the gallery space onto frosted glass windows facing Poland Street. This creates the illusion of looking at an actual seedy Soho brothel in the heart of London’s historic red-light district. The work draws clear satirical links between current political discourse and the sex industry – an unregulated, seedy and transactional space, where people go to satisfy their base lusts. The installation also plays on the idea of ‘Fake News’ – creating a believable yet absurd spectacle through the doctoring and distortion of images. It is a form of street art, rejecting the gallery in favour of making any and all passers-by an audience for Trump and Johnson, as they sell themselves to whoever happens to be stood there.

The installation, is completely free and will be showing every night from 5pm to 5am at 48 Poland Street, Soho, London W1F 7ND between October 31st and November 2nd

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