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June 2020
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100 Sydney Street

11 March to 28th March
Tuesday to Friday 12.00 – 18.00, Saturdays 11.00 – 16.00


‘there are no lies..’

‘an artist believes he is wrong when he is right…’

the studio over the last few decades have been a witness to the changes of the united kingdom, politically , economically and creatively… it has been a conduction to the world moments of 9/11 and the melt down of our financial services to political change from the center ground movement of new labour to the right and left wings dimensions of brexit leavers and remainers .. even the fanatical left have now got back a voice. so what has this got to do with me as an artist.. well i guess its because i have dealt with information and how to explore that information.. the feeding of music, audio and news has been as important to me as the aesthetics of the works.. what is it that i wanted from starting the journey way back in 1985.. my introduction to artists like henry moore and picasso from italian futurists to warhol and film makers george lucas to Tarantino have all played a part in what art is and how it can be understood. western art has been a force that as seen the likes of hirst doig koons and emin being able to succeed in an area wrapped up in comic book style adverts that most of us can only dream about.. but what is it , what do you want from art .. for me its always been about trying to say something different.. ‘how can we evolve the image into something else’.. a simple question that got me into art 34 years ago.. you then try and understand the aesthetics.. a while ago i was involved in something i had created called ‘consequential art’.. this was a great idea it. you could explain everything by saying ‘well it is what it is because that the way it turned out’.. it was quite refreshing.. its as if my job has been to be a conductive object to all our information.. i used to ask myself ‘what if you could see information”..
in this new digital form it would be like electronic rain.. a fierce storm that we have to bring order with.. and looking at that as a mathematical logic to art then certainly in that direction i can describe the show as ‘old skool’.. ‘old skool’ in the sense that quality and understanding are a matter of principal to art.. painting as a corner stone to art in the western world… where we physically have something to see and hold and perhaps where you wont lose you art in the event of a power cut, which we have being seeing lately.. ‘socialist capitalism’ .. a fundamental reasonfor ‘weight and power’ …


historic data
2001 cover for the manic street preachers ‘know your enemy’… here we were invited to supply the artwork for their album and singles… we was also fortunate to be involved in the promotion of their album by working on a billboard in cardiff…

2003 welsh film director dal/yn fawr.. welsh film based on poetry and imagery… voice over supplied by actor rhys ifans

2016 until present collaboration starts with fashion designer jayne pierson for london fashion week.. 7- 8 collections…
work seen with musicians alicia keys, all saints, x factor itv, the voice america and uk, social media celebrities, music videos, magazines books..


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