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February 2019
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Sparks Exhibition

Legge Studios
SE13 6NP

1st February to 3rd February
PV: Friday 1st Feb 6pm to 11pm

Legge Studios, an ex metal workshop in Lewisham, is the location for a polyhedric exhibition called Sparks. The event is organised by students from Wimbledon College of Arts.

There will be artworks of every kind on display, including; painting, drawings, sculpture, video, prints and jewellery.

To bring joy to this event, there will be workshops for children run by the students on Saturday and Sunday from 12 pm until 3 pm. These will consist of wood carving, caricature drawing and clay modelling.

MFA Fine Arts and UAL will spread sparks to Lewisham. The reason for Lewisham is that the Sparks Show is a collaboration between students from Wimbledon and Camberwell both Colleges within UAL. Artists from the former, gallerists and installers from the latter. We also wanted to engage the local community and Legge Street Studios already had established links with residents. We were also able to connect with St.Mary’s Primary School, which is located nearby.

There will be the private view on the 1st February from 6pm to 11pm. The show will then be open from 12 to 6 pm for the next two days.

Legge Studios is conveniently located for visitors next to Ladywell station.

Please see Facebook for more details.

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Instant Mash

Atom Gallery
127 Green Lanes
N16 9DA

2nd February to 23rd February 2019
Wednesday to Saturday | 11 am to 6 pm

Atom Gallery is proud to present “Instant Mash” a solo exhibition of new and recent work by Hackney-based pop-artist Carl Stimpson – a mash-up of Muses, Murals and Music

Carl Stimpson’s work mixes carefully painted portraits of icons from the worlds of music and film with cartoon imagery and techniques, and classic but obscure advertising logos. So far, so pop-art, but where his work diverges is in his treatment of this classic material – his use of the ‘ligne-claire’ technique, the imposition and projection of his mash-ups onto suburban and urban walls as fictional murals, a slight twist in some of the lovingly painted portraits.

Having trained initially as a painter – he studied Fine Art at The Arts Institute of Bournemouth (now Arts University College Bournemouth) –  the recent addition of screenprinting to his painting techniques has allowed Stimpson to introduce an element of mass-production to his work, producing beautifully varied editions where the flatness of a screenprinted black ink layer contrasts with the softer hand-painted elements.

Stimpson currently lives and works in Hackney.

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Cornelia Parker: Stealing Shadows

Gerald Moore Gallery
Mottingham Lane

6th February 2019 | 19:30 to 20:30

Antonia Shaw discusses Cornelia Parker’s latest experiments in printmaking and reflects upon the influence that pioneering photographer William Henry Fox Talbot has had on her work at large.

Antonia Shaw, Assistant Curator for Hayward Gallery Touring, organised Cornelia Parker: One Day This Glass Will Break.  Antonia has worked on numerous exhibitions including Hand Drawn Action PackedLouise Bourgeois: Autobiographical Prints and 11 Drypoints, British Art Show 8, Martin Creed: What’s the Point Of It and Tracey Emin: Love is What you Want. 

Antonia has curated independent projects such as Photomatter at RichMix, London, contributed to exhibition texts such as Lotus for Bosse Baum and published an artist book titled Input / Output.


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A/Side-B/Side Gallery
352 Mare Street
E8 1HR

7th February to 19th February 2019
10am – 5pm daily (including weekends)

Clouds of Wondermesh® netting studded with copper, china and string. Plaster tablets embedded with electrical and plumbing residues. Surprising materials cascading from wedding cake pillars.

For her latest exhibition, UPSCAPE, Dunhill has created fine-textured collages and startling three-dimensional constructions using found materials, everyday objects, things that most of us overlook or throw away.

“As a child I was fascinated by the shapes, colours and textures of things that other people regarded as rubbish”, says Dunhill. “I remember as a five-year-old coercing my friends to collect objects they’d find in the street and we’d arrange them into patterns.”

Dunhill trained under Sir Terry Frost and Rita Donagh, and her work has been frequently exhibited. In recent years she has been exploring materials-led abstract forms, including wall-hung, free-standing and hanging works.

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Illuminating Cambridge Libraries

Heong Gallery
Downing College
Regent Street

11th February to 17th February 2019
Private View Mon 11 Feb 6:30-8:30pm

Illuminating Cambridge Libraries’ visits the Heong Gallery! Photographer Sara Rawlinson presents the latest instalment of her photographic series, exhibiting images from more than 24 College libraries. On display from 11-17 February 2019, 10:30am-6pm each day; private view Mon 11 Feb 6:30-8:30pm.

Honouring features that enable the dissemination and preservation of knowledge, photographer Sara Rawlinson captures the aesthetic environment in which books and documents are displayed and preserved. She showcases the tangible materials, genuine textures, and ephemeral light that all work together to create the contemplative spaces in which knowledge circulates and thrives. The ‘Illuminating Cambridge Libraries’ series aims to photograph one library from each of the 31 Colleges of the University of Cambridge. This exhibition shows images from 25 Colleges.

The exhibition will also feature several historic lecterns designed in the late 17th century by Christopher Wren, on loan from (and with thanks to) the Wren Library at Trinity College. The Private View will include readings by Cambridge-based poet Michael Brown of poetry that he wrote within the library at Pembroke College. The poetry and the lecterns are both designed to further the experience as the viewer enjoys, ponders, meditates on the fabric of libraries.

Rawlinson grew up in her grandma’s darkroom in Minneapolis, Minnesota. After a short stint in academic science, she now runs a full-time fine art photography studio from her home in Cambridge, UK. The complete ‘Illuminating Cambridge Libraries’ series thus far includes nearly 1500 photographs from 25 libraries. Her other concurrent fine art photography series is a visual meditation on searching for serenity within the hidden delights of King’s College Chapel. She recently had three images shortlisted for Historic Photographer of the Year 2018.

Throughout the exhibition, fine art giclee prints will be available for sale or to order in custom sizes. Sara herself will be on site during all opening hours, so take a few minutes to stop by and say hello. To learn more or register for the Private View, visit

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Postopia | Visions of utopia and dystopia, but is there something beyond?

Ugly Duck
49 Tanner Street

22nd February to  24th February 2019
Open daily from 10am to 6pm

Private view | Friday 22nd February, 6pm to 9pm

Technology propels the human story. Each discovery opens new possibilities that change the way we live. As society finds itself at new crossroads, from climate change to sociopolitical upheavals, have we reached a point of return? Are we heading towards self-actualisation? Self destruction? Or something else?

Uncovered Collective consider how recent developments in technology have delivered us to the gates the gates of heaven and hell, a place where social media can be friend or foe, CCTV can protect and haunt, news can be fact and fiction. The show explores what it is to be human in an age of rapidly changing technologies.

To read more about the artists involved see –

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Eve Shepherd | Flesh & Bone

508 Gallery
508 Kings Road
SW10 0LD

22nd February to 6th March 2019
Meet the artist: February 23rd, 2pm – 5pm

The 508 Gallery have teamed up with Farnon & Lake to bring you an exciting and adventurous exhibition of world class sculptures by Eve Shepherd.

Drawing on classical literature and paying homage to great sculptors of the past, the show explores deep emotional themes; Themes which are expressed effortlessly within the artists skilful hands; Hands which infuse every sinew of flesh, every knuckle of bone within each sculpture with a power and sensitivity rarely seen in today’s art-world, with many unique and previously unseen pieces in bronze and ceramic making their debut appearance.

Though much of Eves work appears to be rooted in Greek mythology, it is more of an expression of psychological states, she uses the human and zoomorphic forms to illustrate a state of being human.

This work draws influence from classical literature, Homer, Milton, Coleridge, and pays homage to the great sculptors of the past, Rodin, Giambologna, Bernini, and waves a hand to artists such as Doré’s, Titian, Bacon, and Picasso.

The small scale of the work offers a freedom and expression, untethered by the rigid, immovable armature of a full scaled sculpture. Eve then sculpts intuitively playing with the concepts, emotions and narratives inspired by an immediate response to the material, form and mood. These pieces then invite the individual to connect with them, offering an intimate interplay between viewer and sculpture. When these maquettes are scaled up to life-size and beyond the power of the work is often amplified to speak not only to the individual but also to an arena.

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