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April 2019
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Spokes | Paintings by Brian Cheeswright

Whitechapel Ideas Store
321 Whitechapel Road
E1 1BU

1st April to 30th April, 2019 

Running throughout April at Whitechapel Ideas Store is the exhibition Spokes: Paintings by Brian Cheeswright.

Brian Cheeswright Grew up in Harrow and graduated from Brighton school of art back in 2004. He has been living in Edinburgh the last ten years. In 2013 he won the 4th Marmite Prize for Painting.

Having previously shown at the Ideas Centre (along with Ed Hill) in 2014, this solo show presents a selection of his most recent paintings on canvas and paper. Although certain cycles of repetition are apparent in his practise, Cheeswright is suspicious of falling into a purposeful ‘style’ the painter restlessly switches saddles regularly between the sensitive introspective and the fleeting absurd;  between abstraction and figuration. The title Spokes centres on the simple idea of the spokes of a wheel coming of a central hub (the artist himself) and all these different arrows being part of the same momentum

Opening Times:

Mon-Thur 9am – 9pm
Friday  9am – 6pm
Sat  9pm – 5pm
Sun  11am – 5pm

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508 Gallery
508 Kings Road
SW10 0LD

4th April to 18th April, 2019
Meet the artist: 6th April, 2pm to 5pm

The 508 Gallery proudly presents Fintan Whelan’s second exhibition in the heart of Chelsea.

With his fascinating new collection of abstract paintings, Fintan explores the configuration between pigment and the ever-changing details of light and texture.

Join us as we take you on a journey through these thought provoking paintings.

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Clubland Chronicles

Base Gallery
23 Heneage Street (off Brick Lane)
E1 5LJ

Friday 5th to Sunday 7th April, 2019

Thursday 4th April 2019, 5pm to 9pm

A panoramic exhibition of pen and ink drawings by prolific social and cultural commentator Mark Wigan.

The city is Mark Wigan’s landscape, the urban experience fuelling his work. The vibrancy of urban night life and underground sub cultures resonate in his intricate drawings.

An influential pioneer of transglobal urban art during the 1980’s and 90’s Andy Warhol described Wigan’s four floor mural at London’s Limelight Club as HOT! which led to him painting the Limelight Club in New York.

Wigan was a regular contributor to i-D Magazine in the 80s/90s writing articles, taking polaroids and illustrating the London club scene. He painted murals at Kensington Market, The Scala Cinema and Astoria Theatre in London, Nagoya City Expo and P.Picasso Club in Tokyo.

Wigan co-founded and produced nightclubs in the West End including the seminal Brain Club, the Love Ranch at Maximus and Merry England at Cafe de Paris.

Although his work comes from a British satirical tradition he is an international artist with a unique artistic vision.

He has a strong and confident sense of line and works in a meticulously controlled way employing dexterity of hand.

The approach is interdisciplinary, crossing fine art, illustration and urban art.

His output has included set design for the theatre and television, music graphics, nightclub interiors, live painting performances, murals, streetwear and regular international gallery exhibitions.

Since 1998 he has lectured at art schools throughout the UK and written six books on Illustration published by Bloomsbury. In 2009 with artist Kerry Baldry he founded the worlds first and only Museum of Club Culture.

Recently he collaborated with Dr Martens on a collection and designed his own streetwear collection with Fairwhale in China.

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Refresh Art Award

Refresh Art Award
5th Base Gallery
Brick Lane

Closing date for submissions: 5th April 2019

We’re a new art award trying to give value to all our entrants, and not just the lucky winners of the big prize. As well as a final show in London in 2019 for 24 artists, and several cash prizes of up to £3000, we’re working hard to promote everyone who enters. So the earlier people enter, the more promotion they’ll get! All entrants will also be allowed to show and sell their work through our online gallery throughout the duration of the show. We’ve also tried to keep entry financially viable, with a submission starting from only £10, and artists who win a place in the show do not need to have their work framed unless they want to. We’re independent and started by artists, interested in work that people are currently making and hoping to break down some of the barriers that exclude many people from art shows.

The final exhibition will take place at 5th Base Gallery, Brick Lane, London.

For more information see

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may i have your attention please?

BEERS London
1 Baldwin St

6th April to 11 May, 2019
Private View: 5th April – 6pm to 8pm

Throughout the early 19th century, Joseph Grimaldi was England’s most popular entertainer. His portrayal of the clown in pantomime harlequinades became so well known that this role became colloquially known as ‘Joey’, and his invention of whiteface makeup is a staple of the modern clown outfit that still persists today. For ‘May I Have Your Attention Please’, (her first solo with Beers London), Fineman uses self-portraiture to reimagine herself as Grimaldi, replete with sharp red cheek makeup and
protruding white ruff.

An important figure throughout history for its use in democratizing society, The Fool is able to present thinly veiled truths in the face of the powerful. Fineman uses this guise as a method of addressing her own position within a state of political unrest and heightened voyeurism. We are always watching the lives (and performance of lives) of others and, in a sense, are always performing ourselves through social media. With the slapstick performances of clowns being exaggerated and overly-simplified renditions of human emotions, Fineman’s work points toward the disconnect between modern tools of communication like emoticons (which fail to convey the complexity and depth of true feeling) and genuine human interaction.

As Jung posits “The trickster is a collective shadow figure, a summation of all the inferior traits of character in individuals.” With aspects of society such as politics often being referred to as a ‘circus’ (and politicians themselves as ‘clowns’), Fineman utilises clowns in the circus as a symbol for our current state of affairs, where we bare witness to this performance (or circus act), and the clown is acutely aware of its being watched.

EMMA FINEMAN (b. 1991, Berkeley, California), lives and works in London, UK. In 2018 she graduated with an MA In Painting from Royal College of Art, London, and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BFA in Painting from Maryland Institute College of Art in 2013.

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Freedom of Expression

Oxo Tower Wharf,
Bargehouse Street
South Bank

April 10th to April 14th, 2019
Open daily from 11 am – 6 pm

A powerful new exhibition that uncovers the mystery, pain, anger and stories of forgotten police cells in the historic city of Port Elizabeth, is being premiered at London’s prestigious Gallery@OXO this spring.

Running for a week between April 10th and 14th, Freedom of Expression is a collection of work from celebrated South African photographer, Karl Schoemaker. Schoemaker has captured the long-abandoned Baakens Police Station which is nestled behind the sleepy-harbour city’s City Hall, to share its history and stories with the world.

Schoemaker captured the images alone across three-months, mindful to never spend more than three hours in the cells, afraid of becoming desensitised to the enormity of the history recorded on the walls: “The place was dark and dank, and to shoot the cells properly, I always closed the heavy cell doors which gave me the feeling of being trapped. An insight into what the captured felt. At other times I would go down and simply read the stories scratched into the walls, not photographing anything. But sitting with their energy, imagining the emotions they felt.”

Built in 1899, the Baakens Police Station was declared a national monument in 1984 then closed and sealed off. Forgotten. Until Schoemaker heard about the building and its significance in South Africa’s history. Of the numerous political activists[1] held in the cells, murderers, thieves, ladies of the night, drunks and those with a violent disposition. All separated by gender and race.

The Linbury Trust is supporting the exhibition and it’s produced by the Moving Assembly Project, a not for profit which connects people, artists and students from diverse global backgrounds through the arts. Talking about the exhibition Schoemaker’s co-curator and artistic director of Moving Assembly, Dane Hurst, says: “The historical context of these images and the trauma they hold is only a small element of what South Africa endured. They sit beside images that capture the lives of South Africa’s youth and the freedom they have to express their experience of the world. Seeing the positive outcomes of this work says so much about the nature of hope, perseverance and the power of the artist.”

The exhibition will also showcase photography from Moving Assembly Project students who have taken part in workshops in South Africa under the tutelage of Schoemaker. Talking about the student’s work, Schoemaker comments saying: “The guys and girls have produced remarkable images using real film cameras, images that tell the story of the youth living in gang-ridden Northern Areas of Port Elizabeth. And then the contrast of the students work from the Ithuba Community College on South Africa’s Wild Coast. They had the same brief, but the experiences are so different.”

The exhibition is supplemented with a workshop (April 13th, 3pm – 5pm) on the role of the artist in the community, a session where attendees gain an insight into creative practice and how their work informs, influences and promotes arts, culture and heritage. Book your space online.

The exhibition is open daily from 11 am – 6 pm and is free to attend.

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Claude Heiland-Allen

Chalton Gallery
96 Chalton Street

Opening Thursday 11 April 2019, 6pm
Concert Thursday 18 April 2019, 7pm
Exhibition opens 12-27 April 2019

Opening times:
Tuesdays: 8 am to 3 pm
Wednesday to Saturday: 11:30 am – 5:45 pm

Claude Heiland-Allen exhibition consists of diverse works such as digital prints, Pure-data sound works, and different audio-visual, multimedia, and interactive installations. The artist works using free software and develops his own programs to create beautiful fractals, digital creations and new media environments.

Claude’s works show the relationship between technology and creativity using digital media which challenges conservative positions in contemporary art because of the technological potential for social change that new media and digital art have.

According Giulio Lughi “digital media are today in a state of transition: on the one hand, they look towards the past, showing their ability to recover and give new functions to all the wealth of knowledge deposited on analogic media; on the other hand, towards the future, developing completely new forms, which are based on characteristics that analogic media did not possess: modularity, variability, programmability, interactivity”. This definition fits towards the conceptual ideas behind the Sonic Electronics Festival, which ensures the works selected for Claude’s exhibition reflect the needs of digital media and analogue apparatus.

This exhibition wants to express the essence of digital media which, according to Sarah Cook and Beryl Graham, is now freeing artistic practices from established customs: from production to exhibition, to fruition, to curation, to the actual conceptualisation.

Claude’s exhibition also encourages a «physiological» artistic renewal through programmed art, computer art, internet art, net art, web art, and digital art. The digital works that the artist has created induce to interactivity, being his artworks and experimentation based on mathematical calculations, the influence of science and the use of coding. Through interactivity, which affects the creative processes, the code becomes able to receive an input, performs calculations, and returns an output: the code becomes practicable and accessible.

Within different interactive multimedia forms, audiences will experiment about code and interactivity. Moreover, this new paradigm of simulation allows the perception of the space as a mediated code through the projection of graphics, replacing the traditional paradigm of static and passive representation. Interactive installations generate improvised performances by the visitors acting following the aesthetics of code and configuring its experience.

Within the exhibition, the audiences will gain an aesthetical experience by combining elements of computer science, performance art, music, technology, fractals, maths, and software programming.


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A Brunch with Artist Nick Gentry

Opera Gallery
134 New Bond Street,

Sunday 14 April 2019
Time: 11.30am to 12.30pm

This event is free but tickets must be booked here on Eventbrite


On Sunday 14th April, Opera Gallery will be hosting an art brunch event, where you can go and have your selfie painted onto a vinyl sleeve by London artist Nick Gentry.

In our selfie-obsessed and digitalised world, we all live in the present moment, forgetting the value of physical objects that once were integral part of our lives. Old technologies like floppy disks, film negatives, CDs and VHS have become obsolete, even though they have been for a long time the repository of our most precious memories.

London artist Nick Gentry takes these used objects which contain a whole myriad of people’s hopes, dreams, and former lives, and he turns them into something beautiful, and in the process his art preserves an important historical moment – as a form of social archaeology.

Mayfair’s Opera Gallery will be hosting a free brunch and exclusive pop-up exhibition of Nick’s stunning art on Sunday 14th April. Using old vinyl sleeves and selfies of the attendees, Nick will be making a series of portraits to create a multifaceted “Face of London”. The final artworks will be donated to a charity of Nick’s choice.

This event is free but tickets must be booked here on Eventbrite

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Come Together

Arcola Theatre
24 Ashwin Street
E8 3DL

14th April 2019



A queer extravaganza of resistance.

After two sold-out events at Hackney Museum and years of collecting narratives of queerness, kink, disability, sex work and survival, Resilient and Resisting proudly invite you to celebrate intimate stories of becoming and persistence – with swoosh, glitter and song.

Funded by the National Lottery and supported by the Arcola Theatre, the event challenges the isolation that comes with austerity and stigma. Explore contributions from radical history archives, the voices of direct action groups, and personal stories of what both unites and divides us. This is a peer-led project celebrating fierce, intimate oral histories, collaboration, D.I.Y research, and accessibility for all – no sensationalisation or sanitization, just authentic stories lifted with discussion, food, and culminating in a glittering evening of performance.


12pm The Travelling Archive

Bishopsgate Institute and the MayDay Rooms bring the archive to you. Peruse and discuss artefacts and articles of radical history plus a workshop on DIY documentation.

2pm Direct Action: Panel Group Discussion

Direct action, fighting stigma and making social change. Featuring speakers from: The Renters Union, Xtalk, English Collective of Prostitutes, Trans Liberation Assembly, DPAC, Mental Health Resistance Network, and more TBC.

4pm Food.

6pm Grand Performance

Stories of Resilience and resistance! With swoosh, glitter and song.

Sexy intimate stories of becoming, persistence and survival. Critiquing work, asking questions about HOW and why. Elder histories, lion taming, transnational travels, migration stories. How we get by! Who gets to be respectable? Pride and prejudice. Tickets to the straight world, transactions along the way, stretching the rubber band of gender, being who we ARE. Coming together.

Free zine will be gifted to all attendees.

Download more information about this event here: Come Together (PDF)

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Oxo Tower Wharf
South Bank

17th April to 21st April 2019


Painter Rose Long and Photographer Nicholas Gentilli use the built environment to present an imagined vision that allows us to leave the current world in favour of a perplexing, innovative and often humorous location.

A new exhibition: #realityimagined, by Nicholas Gentilli, photographer, and Rose Long, painter, opens April 17th at the Oxo Gallery, on London’s Southbank. The exhibition features 30+ oil paintings and 30+ photographs and will be on display until 21st April, Easter Sunday. Open daily from 11am – 8pm and admission is free.

The Oxo gallery is on the Southbank, and just across from the Houses of Parliament where “reality” currently is static and immutable. Gentilli and Long’s art explores the relationship with place and time. It moves us from “the real” to the “imagined”.

Rose Long’s paintings examine the tension between water and gravity. Her subject matter, Architecture and Relationships, remains both anchored in reality and flies free through fluidity. She paints what she feels.

In Nicholas Gentilli’s photography, the addition of countless elements from other images to form the “constructed” explores the inherent tension and visual opportunity that lies between a still single image and a film. The panoramic format of these pieces further strengthens this exploration.

Both styles equally transport you to an imagined place.

When asked about the exhibition Gentilli, whose solo exhibition was on show in France, said “ I think by the very frenetic nature of our existences, the profundity of our surroundings does (quite understandably) pass us by. The very fact that viewers of my work are forced to reconcile the ‘real’ with the ‘imagined’ creates a tension. That tension is liberating.”

The energy and vitality of Long’s brushstrokes, both in representational and on figurative work confirm her statement that “ Using the medium of paint feels as compulsive and empowering for me now as learning to read was as a child”.

#realityimagined art exhibition will surprise the gallery visitor with its different image formats, unity of expression, playfulness and humour.
Full information can be found on the website:

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Positive Type


26th April to 30th June 2019
PV: 25th April | 6pm to 9pm
Open daily from

We’re launching our new type exhibition in East London called #PositiveType later this month, themed around typography themed work by our collective to connect and inspire young people affected by knife crime and violence to engage in the arts.

This exhibition is in aid of creative charity @artagainstknives, with a percentage of each work sold going to AAK to support their community based work in reducing the root causes of knife crime through youth-led creative opportunities.

We would appreciate it if you can support us by giving our event a share and raise awareness of using type to connect with young people and guide them on to the right path through artist support.

Further details can be found out on website,

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Untitled Underground

508 Gallery
508 Kings Road
SW10 0LD

25th April to 7th May 2019

Resident artist James Morton will showcase his first solo exhibition this spring with astonishing textured portraits. James’ inspirations evolve from old photographs and people who he has seen on his travels, mostly the working class in everyday street scenes. He aims to depict human expression, often taking an ethereal quality.

James manoeuvres oil paint with different tools to manipulate the surface, creating definition and texture. Pushing and pulling different features to the forefront of the painting.

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Tristan Bates Theatre
1A Tower St
Covent Garden

29th April to 4th May 2019
Monday to Saturday | 7.30 Pm and Saturday matinee at 2.30 pm

Wake Up Theatre presents EGGS by Florence Keith-Roach.

Eggs centres around two women, leading very different lives, the only thing uniting them is their struggle against society’s expectations. This is a story about young women trying to figure out who they are, how to exist and who to be. However in the end, their friendship albeit flawed unties these women and rescues them from utter alienation.

Wake Up Theatre is a northern-based theatre company, founded in 2018 by Lauren Nicole-Mayes, Emily Curtis, and Chantell Walker. The inspiration behind its creation was not only to produce new and exciting theatre, but as three female creators produce platforms that give women a new voice. Going forward we hope to tell important stories about “everyday” extraordinary women. We are delighted to revive Eggs by bringing it to London after a sold out run in Manchester as Wake Up Theatre’s first production.

Curtis and Mayes give admirable and outstanding


North West End ****


“This is very much a two character hour-long tour de
force, testament to a binding emulsion of skilful acting
which still had the raw resonance of adaptability on
the stage-the characters moulding and shifting
according to their experiences brought together with
punchy, powerful direction from Chantell Walker.”

 Louder than War.

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96 – 108 Ormside Street
SE15 1TF

30th April, 7.30pm Doors open

Passion is a live show that explores following your dreams through spoken-word and music. It’s a safe space for creatives and individuals to vent whilst exploring the trials and tribulations of the outside world.

This event will be performed in a ‘relaxed’ environment, therefore if you purchase a “General Ticket” then make sure you bring a blanket or a pillow to the event as most of the seating will be on the floor.

Tickets for this event can be purchased here:

The Passion Project (originating in London) encourages people to follow their dreams and passions not matter how big or small. It’s centred around the value in expressive and creative arts; encouraging as you to share your own individual, unique experiences of the world around you. Passion is here to inspire creatives and individuals alike.

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