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December 2019
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This Month’s Events

I Hope This Finds You Well 🗓

Eve Leibe Gallery
Gallery 46
Ashfield Street
E1 2AJ

4th December to 18th December 2019
PV: Wednesday 4th December


I Hope This Finds You Well , explores the relationship of temporal engagements, particularly in terms of detachment and technology. A group of emerging and established artists have come together to fill this ‘meanwhile’ space with work that responds to some recent defining cultural milestones, depicting the rise of digital sharing, the introduction of a more gender-fluid society, and the reality of current state of political instability across the world.

The name of the exhibition refers to the opening of a conversation, one that implies a level of familiarity, even though time has passed. Showcasing a variety of work, from Christopher Hartmann’s depiction of estranged intimacy, to Sarah Thibault’s reimagined Instagram selfies, this multi-media exhibition is the perfect reflection on the last year as we approach the beginning of a new decade.

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Boo’s Closet
198 Kensington Park Road
W11 1NR

4th – 22nd December 2019 (Wed – Sun 11.00 – 7.00 pm)
Private views 5th and 19th December (6.30 – 8.30 pm)


Boo’s Closet is a new gallery space in London’s Notting Hill Gate, just off Portobello Road, London W11. We are pleased to announce our inaugural show, comprising vibrant new abstract paintings by Benedict Pulsford, whose work is created with enamel paint on aluminium panels.

‘If Pulsford’s work shows a kind of dance, it is a festive, restive, modernist, synaesthetic one akin to that of Klee and Kandinsky. This is painting of great musicality and, whether it is melodious or atonal, it is always lyrical. Pulsford’s appropriations from other artists and the visual devices he employs can be ironic – deliberately archaic or retro – but they are also sincere in their celebration of the devices and strategies of local modernism, such as the Festival of Britain style. In this way Pulsford’s is a festival dance of intense moods and feelings in which his subjects are variously disported, whether processional, a corps de ballet, or an anarchic chorus line. Whatever they are, they articulate themselves in what is often a scenic plane – a vast stage or backdrop over which Pulsford presides as set designer, artistic director, composer, conductor and choreographer.’

Benedict Pulsford by Neal Brown, catalogue essay, 2011


Pulsford says: ‘My technique begins with the drawing and masking of forms followed by pouring a background of thinned paint to create an overall mood. Then the revealing of shapes and lines suggest which colours, flows and methods are used to convey rhythm, harmony, depth and discord to complete a work.’

Benedict Pulsford studied at the Slade School of Art. His last solo exhibition was at at Arthouse1 Gallery, London in 2017. He has participated in many group shows. He lives and works in London.

The Grenfell Foundation provides independent support to the former residents of Grenfell Tower, their families, dependents, and the local community. It is a registered charity in England and Wales (no 1177575).


For further information on Benedict Pulsford’s work see:

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ZINE LAUNCH | Vicious Daily No.2 [Manifesto Issue]

Jaguar Shoes
32-36 Kingsland Rd
E2 8DA

Thursday 5th December 6pm – 10pm


Vicious Collective – your local friendly DIY Collective are launching the 2nd Issue of their quarterly Zine

VICIOUS DAILY No.2 [Manifesto Issue] in their latest attempts to ‘Get Rich or DIY TRYING’.

“The wit is as delightfully wrong as could be.”
– Rose Wood, NYC Performance Artist

VICIOUS DAILY No.2 [Manifesto Issue] contains another 3 months of the research team’s courageous wading through of the

ecto-news-plasm to produce a paper lacrymatory for the deliciously salty tears of the Crying Eye.
Twisty Illustrations, Poems, Manifestos and Contributions from Nuha Ruby Ra, Zilcho Hamblin, Kurt Krapperz, Ben Palmer, Ashby D Gonzales Daisy Tortuga, Diogo Gama, Maxwell Paternoster and Conrad Armstrong.

100% Recycled #REALNEWS on 100% Recycled Paper

Vicious Collective DJS and Performers
& All that merch stuff

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Open Doors

HOXTON 253 art project space
253 Hoxton Street
N1 5LG

5th to 8th December 2019 (opening hours 11-9pm)
PV: Thursday 5th December 6-9pm


Open Doors is delighted to invite you the opening night of our next group exhibition in Hoxton, London.

Once again we will be assembling the best emerging and early career photographers from around the world. Its been another wonderful year for OD and all our artists so please join us at our wine bar to celebrate their success. Who knows you might just find that perfect Christmas Gift!

Its easy to forget that photography is still such a young artistic medium, relatively speaking. As a result there are so many exciting opportunities out there yet to be fully explored. Whether that is through innovative approaches to visual storytelling, mixing media or creating magic in the darkroom, our artists are at the forefront of these discussions. Creating powerful and original works of art that you can take home at an affordable price. Their tool kit just happens to include a camera.

For this exhibition in Hoxton, we will be introducing new photographers as well as showcasing brand new work by our represented artists. To find out more about the artists included in this show, visit our website or follow us on instagram (@odtakeovers) where we host a new photographer every few days. Inviting selected artists and curators from all over the world to share and talk about their work, as well using it to highlight our exhibition programme.

For the duration of this exhibition, Benedict Butterworth will be hosting a wine bar and retail shop, serving a selection of small producer wines available to drink-in and takeaway. So, come to see the show, drink wine in good company and stay for a while longer, mulling over your Christmas presents and wish list. It’s worth noting Benedict hosts private wine tastings too; for more info head to his website

This exhibition opens to the public on Thursday 5th December and runs for a short time only. So if you can’t make the opening make sure to swing by over the weekend.

All enquiries:

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Campaign for Empathy: Bridging the growing distance between us

Nunnery Gallery
Bow Arts Trust
181 Bow Road
E3 2SJ

Thursday 5 December 7 to 9pm


Empathy Artist and Designer Enni-Kukka Tuomala shares the methods and experience from her groundbreaking Campaign for Empathy, part of her seven-month-long residency at Bow Arts’ RAW Labs. The first of its kind, the campaign aimed to uncover and understand what lives in the growing distance between the power (the local politicians) and the people (the local community) in a time of unprecedented division.

For seven months Tuomala was based in the Royal Docks community in the London borough of Newham, an area undergoing significant regeneration and restructuring. Working closely with members of the local community and engaging local decision-makers to consider each others’ perspectives to build empathy, Tuomala hosted a programme of empathy workshops, events and exhibitions, staging an Empathy Rally in June as a part of the official programme for the London Festival of Architecture. Aiming to challenge the invisible emotional, social, cultural, ideological and economic boundaries between people in an area filled with physical boundaries from newly built boundaries like the cross-rail tracks and the numerous architectural redevelopments, to naturally formed boundaries such as the river, Tuomala established RAW Labs as the Campaign for Empathy HQ and adopted the familiar language of political campaigns to promote empathy as a powerful and collective tool for social change. Empathy is proven to increase collaboration among people with different values and backgrounds, as well as encourage cooperative and social behaviour among strangers to create more positive interactions and build more connected communities.

In her talk Tuomala will ask what if we could bridge the growing divide between us through empathy? She will present the narrative of not only what happened, when, where and with whom over the course of the 7 month long campaign, but why and how it happened, reflecting on her experiences and learnings. Tuomala will share campaign materials, artworks, photos and videos for the first time, as well as presenting key the outcomes of the campaign; a collection of empathy tools for citizenship, and the Newham for Empathy – a new permanent public artwork in Royal Albert Wharf made for the community together with the community, commissioned by the GLA.

This event accompanies the 2019 Bow Open Show, selected by Carey Young. Bow Arts presents a series of collaborative events exploring how “our current political moment” has pushed the boundaries of expression, both through art and different forms of protest.

Bio | Enni-Kukka Tuomala

Enni-Kukka Tuomala is a London-based, Finland-born Empathy Artist and Designer. Tuomala’s practice is focused on increasing issue-based empathy as the outcome of her work, reframing empathy from an ingredient in the process of creation to the output of creation. To do this she has launched the Akin Kollektiv, a series of installations, experiences, games and tools to transform empathy from an individual feeling to a collective power across age, gender, race and culture. Having worked and studied in London, Tokyo, New York and Helsinki, Tuomala’s work builds upon understanding and investigating the delicate relationships between empathy, culture, space and systems.

Tuomala was Bow Arts’ artist-in-residence at RAW Labs, a community hub championing arts, culture and creativity in the Royal Docks, between March-September 2019. As part of her residency, Tuomala ran the Campaign for Empathy, the world’s first community centered campaign to promote empathy through art and design in the London borough of Newham at a time of Brexit uncertainty. Since 2018 Tuomala has been working with the Finnish Parliament to bring empathy into politics, and has created a collection of empathy tools for politics together with 6 Members of the Finnish Parliament. Her work is currently on show at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and she has created work for the BBC, GLA, LIFT, Imperial College London, Bath University, London Festival of Architecture and Helsinki Design Week amongst others. Tuomala has a joint M.A. and M.Sc. from the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London.

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Swiss Cottage Gallery
88 Avenue Road

5 December 2019 to 10 January 2020


Uncertain Ruins a site-responsive collaboration by artist Julie F Hill and Gauld Architecture that draws on the social, material and historical context of the Swiss Cottage Library in which the gallery is located. Monumental sculptures, video and photographic works respond to this context and have been made using a mix of artificial intelligence algorithms trained on astronomical datasets and related holdings from Swiss Cottage Library, to consider the library’s potential as a container for all knowledge. Scaffolding structures reference machine learning software architectures used in the construction of the artworks which increasingly produce, organise and distribute knowledge. Together they play with the notion of construction and ruin.

For more information see:

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Bloomberg New Contemporaries

South London Gallery
65 Peckham Rd

6 December 2019 to 23 February 2020


Bloomberg New Contemporaries opens at South London Gallery next week and runs from 6 December 2019 – 23 February 2020.

The exhibition showcases 45 of the most exciting emerging artists graduating from UK art schools. This year New Contemporaries celebrates its 70th birthday and many of the artists who have been included in the show throughout its history have gone on to become some of the art world’s biggest talents including Damien Hirst, Chris Offili, Gillian Wearing and David Hockney.

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London Bridge Hotel
8-18 London Bridge St

Friday 6th December, 2019


London Bridge Hotel in partnership with Team London Bridge and Southwark Council is pleased to announce an Open Call to artists from the Southwark area. If you are an artist who lives, works or studies in the London Borough of Southwark we would like to hear from you.

This is an opportunity to show a piece of your work for 5 months at the prestigious London Bridge Hotel

Following two successful exhibitions, we are delighted to announce our third exhibition, London Bridge Hotel: OPEN 3. London Bridge is an urban metropolis where nature is making a comeback – parks, corners and streets are once more becoming vibrant pockets of colour and habitats for ecology to thrive. Seeing nature re-emerging in the heart of the city has inspired the theme URBAN NATURE for this exhibition and we would like to hear from artists that have been similarly inspired by their environment.

The London Bridge Hotel: OPEN project supports local makers and has so far exhibited over 30 artists and 60 artworks. There will be an official launch event and PR campaign to announce the exhibition. The selection team is looking for contemporary works which can be displayed on walls, windowsills and hallways in this historic building with contemporary decor.


The call is open until midnight on Friday 6 December.  

Please submit:

1. A digital photograph of the work (2MB or less)

2. Dimensions of the work and any notes regarding its display

3. One-page CV including address, telephone, email and current projects and exhibition history. Please include any social media handles if relevant

4. Maximum of 2 pieces per artist

5. A 150-word description of you and your work

6. The price of your work


To submit your work please go to–OPEN-3-/

It is free to submit your work. If you have any questions, please contact


Selection in January 2020

Installation mid-January 2020

Opening late January 2020

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Second Edition ‘IlluminoCity’

London Wall Place, London, EC2Y 5AU
Principal Place, London, EC2A 2FA

From 9th December 2019 to 17th January 2020


Brookfield Properties have partnered with Amsterdam’s pioneering Light Art Collection to create an extraordinary ‘light’ exhibition this Christmas as part of a movement to illuminate the city in the cold winter months. From 9th December to 17th January, IlluminoCity will present a stunning display of five light installations at London Wall Place and Principal Place in London.

‘Light Art’ is a relatively young art form but has enjoyed huge success at the annual Amsterdam Light Festival, where public art, design and entertainment meet. From the festival comes the prestigious Light Art Collection, which is now the largest collection of Light Art in the world.

The internationally renowned artists explore light as a medium, to create arresting and thought provoking installations that interact and light up their environments. Each installation demonstrates the advancement and innovation of aesthetics and technology and how they affect our functioning and habitation in the world.

Both Brookfield Properties sites are part of the City of London’s ‘Cultural Mile’ initiative and are central to the commerce of London. London Wall Place is a setting of ancient history with its remains of the original Roman London Wall and public gardens, and Principal Place in Hackney is a hub of buzzing cultural activity.

Caitlin Warfield, Marketing Director of Brookfield Properties says:

“We are thrilled to present the second edition of Illuminocity, in partnership with the Light Art Collection. We are committed to transforming public spaces through art and feel that this year’s edition reflects the energy and creativity of the City. (We are really excited to see the light sculptures installed and hope it will light up and inspire passers-by during the long December and January evenings.)”

London Wall Place, Barbican

  • Code by FrederiekeTop
  • Garden of Schrodingers Cats by Takeo Sugamata
  • Bunch of Tulips by Peter Koros

Code is part of a series of ‘Street Sentences’ written by Frederieke Top. The Designer’s mysterious neon manuscript of 34 letters and numbers is made using the cuneiform script – which was invented in Mesopotamia around 3000 BC, to record property, contracts and transactions. Top draws on the ancient script’s role in society’s advancement and reflects on the similarities of blockchain today, and its potential to radically change the world. Her designs for public spaces are playful in character and introduce a little poetry into each environment.

Takeo Sugamata’s Garden of Schrodinger’s Cats is a ‘mind-bending’ installation of cubic light structures, each with an image of a cat. The diachronic film on the cubes causes the form and colour of the cat to change, fragment and multiply, according to the viewer’s angle. Sugamata was inspired by Schrodinger’s 1935 thought experiment about the absurd laws of quantum mechanics and its interpretation of light. By observing the cat in the cube we are asked to see if it is moving or still, alive or dead. The artist then asks us to imagine if they can be both at the same time – and to contemplate that the difference between existence and non-existence (life and death) might not be as clear as we think.

Peter Koros reimagines the famous Dutch symbol in his huge inflatable glowing installation, Bunch of Tulips. The neon colours, massive scale and kitsch design of the tulips evoke the Pop Art movement to reflect on the mass (ive) consumption of our culture, and to readdress the historical symbol within a new context.

Principal Place, Shoreditch

  • Absorbed by Light by GaliMay Lucas

Joost Van Bergen, Dirk Schlebusch and Onne Walsmit are the trio behind Venividimultiplex, who have created an interactive bicycle-led light event called LightBattlex. For them the spectator is  essential to the artwork in creating an event and transforming the environment in a meaningful way. Participants peddle on 5 bikes, connected by state of the art computer systems, to an arch or path of 5000 LED lights. As they try to ‘out cycle’ each other, they create a stunning visual light show, generated by the speed of their peddling. The winner is then treated to a dazzling waterfall of lights.

GaliMay Lucas’ thought provoking sculpture, Absorbed by Light, shows 3 glowing life size figures sitting on a bench. Their heads are bent into their smartphones, with only the light of the screens illuminating their partially hidden faces. It is both domestic and familiar and also disquieting.

Donald Van de Deen of the Light Art Collection says:

“We are delighted to work with Brookfield Properties once again to recreate a bespoke light festival, that brings joy warmth and wonder to Londoners this Christmas in a fun and accessible way.”

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Leopard I: Waterbaby­  + Tomas Nordmark + Miri Kat

The Glove That Fits
179 Morning Lane
E9 6LH

11 December 2019


Leopard I: Waterbaby­  + Tomas Nordmark + Miri Kat


Facebook event page:

Waterbaby presents: ă„„äč‡ă„–ć©ć‚ć°șá—Ș (Leopard) a new audio-visual night that celebrates the relationship between music and video art, exploring the outer reaches of imagination through sonic and visual experimentation.

Join us for the first installment on Wednesday 11 December at The Glove That Fits featuring an eclectic and multi-sensory line-up. Each act will be performing a special audio-visual immersive set.

Waterbaby is the audio-visual project of sister duo Martha and Jessica Kilpatrick from London. Their work combines avant-garde pop, experimental electronica and otherworldly choral music with their surrealist punk style of art house film. Their live shows incorporate electronic soundscapes, siren-esque vocals and hallucinogenic video projections. Their inventive song structures and void-like visuals are influenced by cult cinema, pop culture and the absurd. Watch their 2016 audio-visual album Pink Noise here:

Tomas Nordmark is a Swedish-born, London-based composer and sound artist. His compositions and works have been featured in opera, installations, short films, theatre, plays and exhibitions. His latest audio-visual album “Eternal Words” evokes an intoxicating and textured electronic soundscape which The Guardian called a “heavenly, palate-cleansing series of minty-fresh synthesised drones and bleeps that manage to tell stories that resolve without even hinting at melody.” Performing with the likes of Tim Hecker and most recently at Sonica Festival in Ljubljana. Be mesmerised here:

Miri Kat is a Livecoder, AV Artist and Producer from London with a background in games design. Miri Kat works with music tech, web technologies, hacking, creative coding, algorithmic music and generative visuals, mainly using LiveCode and MaxMSP. Her work has a strong focus on creating immersive, audio responsive multimedia. As a figure head of the Algorave movement, Miri Kat’s live audio-visual shows are unique, immersive experiences. Listen to her futurist debut release ‘Pursuit – ŰȘÙ„Ű§ŰŽ’ here:

Get your tickets on Dice

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