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May 2020
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And What?

Various venues across London

From 3rd October 2018 (see below for dates of specific events)


The House of Kings and Queens

Rich Mix London and And What? Queer Arts Festival

3-22 Oct – Bethnal Green

Documentary photographer Lee Price explores life as a member of the LGBT+ community in Sierra Leone, where homosexuality remains illegal and people face daily persecution for revealing their true identities.

Price’s powerful images offer a glimpse into The House, where inhabitants can live without oppression, exposing what it means to be gay in Freetown. Providing a glimmer of hope to the community is a young transgender woman who offers her home – The House of Kings and Queens – to those in need, providing a sanctuary for visitors to be amongst those who understand and accept them.

Join us for the Private View on the 3rd October 1800-2100

Commissioned by Hull City of Culture 2017 and Humber Street Gallery.

As part of And What? Queer Arts Festival more info and tickets


The ‘Other’ Friends of Clapham Common

Hosted by Hannah Bruce and Company and And What Queer Arts Festival and Omnibus Theate

Omnibus Theatre / Clapham Common

7-31 Oct – during Omnibus open hours

more info

Presented by And What? Queer Arts Festival, HB&Co Hannah Bruce and Company and Omnibus Theatre

An app based sound experience and guided walk about Clapham Common and Cruising.

7-31st October
Available during opening of Omnibus Theatre

Usually available daily 10-1800 during Omnibus opening hours (please check Omnibus Theatre website for hours). ***Please note this was originally advertised as available from the 1st October but due to unforeseen circumstances will now be available from Sunday 7th***

LAUNCH EVENT: Join us on Sunday 7th October in the Greene Room at Omnibus Theatre from 1600-1700 for the launch of The ‘Other’ Friends of Clapham Common, meet the makers of the piece, some of the participants, and grab a cup of tea and slice of cake to fuel you on your journey.

The ‘Other’ Friends of Clapham Common is a new commission by And What? Queer. Arts. Festival, HB&Co and Omnibus Theatre. It is an app-based binaural sound experience that explores some of the past and current histories of Clapham Common as a Cruising ground. The soundtrack takes you on a journey onto Clapham Common whilst listening to a piece constructed from interviews with people who have and still do use Clapham Common. These memoirs are interweaved with atmospheric surround-soundscapes and include a newly commissioned poem by Gerry Potter. The ‘Other’ Friends of Clapham Common is about unearthing forgotten or unheard narratives, it is about community and changes in Cruising, it is about being outdoors, technology, public space and sex.

And What? And HB&Co would like to thank Omnibus Theatre for it’s support in reaching its local Cruising Community, to David Dandridge for his time and connections, and all other participants/interviewees who have shared their memories and experiences.

Please note:
To enjoy The Other Friends of Clapham Common head over to to download the FREE app, and at your leisure take a trip to Omnibus Theatre’s box office during its opening hours for further instructions. You will need a phone with the app ready loaded, enough battery and some headphones. Your journey will take no longer than 1 hour, but remember it will take you outside, so wear suitable clothing!

more info and tickets


Queer Migrant Takeover: Deeper Routes

Hosted by Foreign Actions Productions and And What? Queer Arts Festival and Richmix

@ Richmix – 6th October

And What? Queer. Arts. Festival 2018 and Queer Migrant Takeover present


A party, a celebration and a space for co-existence of multi-national queers and their allies to resist your ‘hostile environment’.

Deeper Routes dives head-first into nuances of belonging and presence and will see artists, activists and DJs coming to-gether for the first time.


Evening: DJ Pxssy Palace //DJ Neiva

Performances by: SPIT – Sodomites, Perverts, Inverts Together! // Thierry Alexandre // Whiskey Chow // Chiyo // Lucia Pazzini // Izdehar Afyouni // Sebastian H-W // Zayn Phallic (Compère)

DINNER IS SERVED AT 8pm – full day ticket holders will be asked for donations only.

AFTERNOON: Performances by: Lesbians & Gays Support The Migrants in collaboration with SPIT – Sodomites, Perverts, Inverts Together! // Istanbul Queers Arts Collective // Carlos Mauricio Rojas

Installations / Video works by: They Are Here // Thiru Seelan // Katarzyna Perlak // Jonas Hong Soo Eriksson ft Nadia Tehra // Ishimwa Muhimanyi
– Izdehar Afyouni

Sexuality, Migration and Refuge in the UK: A Cross-generational Dialogue – with special guests Joon Lynn Goh, Thiru Seelan, African Rainbow Family, Shahmir Sanni and Lesbians & Gays Support The Migrants


FULL DAY: 5pm – 3am / £10/12
Inc access to day time durational performances, installations, talks and one-on-one experiences, dinner and party.

PARTY ONLY: 9pm – 3am / £8
Access to evening performances and party only.

more info and tickets


Queer Songbook Mixtape #1

Hosted by Queer Songbook, And What? Queer. Arts. Festival, Timberlina and Royal Vauxhall Tavern

@ The Royal Vauxhall Tavern – October 10th

|| Mixtape #1 || presented as part of And What? Queer Arts Festival

Timberlina introduces a collaborative mixtape of songs which resonate with the queer experience chosen by our invited guest singers David McAlmont, Juno Dawson, Dan G Sells, Jayne Snow, & Roni Guetta.

All songs performed live with our house QSB band including Owen Duff on piano (and arranger), Naomi Anderson on Bass, Deena Jackman on drums, Louis MacGillivray on guitar, Katrina Lauder on French Horn (and musical director)

Queer Songbook explores and celebrates the queer voice in songs from across the ages. An aviary of non-heteronormative guests have been invited to choose their dearest, queerest song – the song that spoke their truth, strummed their pain or lit a defiant flame in their youth. Stitched together into a coat of many colours by your hirsute hostess, Timberlina, each guest tells the story of their song before singing it live with the amazing Queer Songbook Band.

Doors: 7pm

Show: 8-10pm with two short intervals

More info and Tickets


Pink Bucket 3: Of Spirit

Hosted by Jacksons Lane and And What? Queer Arts Festival

13th October @ Jacksons Lane

And What? Queer Arts Festival Presents
Pink Bucket 3: Of Spirit
at Jacksons Lane

An evening of wonky circus, cabaret and live art exploring spirit through the eyes, voices and limbs of queer performers. You may be full of spirit or have left it at the door. You might pray to Madonna or the Madonna. Whether you tarot over rune, if you’re a white witch or mistress of the dark, join our host, the beautifully holy Virgin Xtravaganzah, and a gaggle of TEN leading queer-lights for an evening of performance, song and the unexpected.

It’s guaranteed to get your spirit fingers moving.



Virgin Xtravaganzah // George Hicks // Charlie Rebekah Caplan Wilson // Joe Keeley // Lasana Shabazz // Lennin Nelson-McClure – Circus Artist // MOUSE (AKA Amanda Hull) // Yam Doyev // Vee Smith (Vendetta Vain) & SADIQ SADIQ:

more info and tickets


‘B’ by Gerrard Martin Dance

Hosted by Rich Mix London and And What? Queer Arts Festival

@ Rich Mix – 21st October

And What? Queer Arts Festival proudly presents ‘B’
by Gerrard Martin Dance Gmd

‘Beautiful, Black, Bold Brother, Being’

An emotive duet, surrounding the issues of being black and gay. ‘B’ explores masculinity, intimacy, identity and being your ‘true self

‘B’ is a duet, dealing with the issues of being both Black and Gay. Stimulatedby events in the lives of Black, Gay interviewees, this emotive and visceral piece explores ideas around masculinity, intimacy, religion & identity. Using original club influenced music, intimate dance repertoire, an ingenious set, and audio-clips of real-life testimonials, ‘B’ brings to the fore an awareness of the conflicted, emotive, repressed, glorious and intimate nature of growing up Black and Gay.

Rich Mix London ONE NIGHT ONLY 21st October 2018
Tix £8-10

And What? Queer Arts Festival is an October-long celebration of Queer Arts for more info:


The Saddest Music in the World

Hosted by And What? Queer Arts Festival

24th October – @ The Brunel Tunnel

In this new workshop performance, your pal La JohnJoseph asks a series of questions about sadness, in an intimate acoustic concert format. Presenting a selection of suitably sorrowful songs mined from the popular repertoire, La JJ asks if sadness isn’t in fact the thing that binds us all together.

Join La JJ in the beautifully historic Shaft at The Brunel Museum for a special work-in-progress showing of The Saddest Songs in The World. Commissioned by And What? Queer Arts Festival Just La JJ, a mini-grand piano and you, the wonderful audience.

La JJ returns to London after performing their 4 & 5* reviewed A Generous Lover at Edinburgh Fringe.

more info and tickets


A Sunday ‘Roast’ with Timberlina & Friends

Hosted by The Glory and And What? Queer Arts Festival & Timberlina

@ The Glory – October 28th

A Sunday ‘Roast’ with Timberlina & Friends

Join Timberlina & Friends at The Glory for a Sunday ROAST with a difference….

a smorgasbord of fierce Kings and Queens of the Queer scene and beyond – led by head chef Timberlina – serve you a hilarious menu.

A delectable roasting of current affairs and uncooked rants. Subjects that turn their stomachs, make you salivate and leave you with something to masticate over. Enjoy a classic queer Roast while enjoying a selection of Sunday Dinner themed *nibbles prepared by your hostess-with-the-mostess, Timberlina.

For the full menu-del-dia of Guests please check And What? Queer Arts Festival or

Sunday 28th October, 1-3pm at The Glory
Tickets £4 in advance or £5 on the door
(includes Sunday roast themed *nibbles)
*only suitable as part of a calorie controlled diet

more info and tickets

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