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June 2020
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Creative Connections: Linking Cities Through Art

P21 Gallery
21 Chalton St
Kings Cross

1st June 2019
Time: 18.00 to 22.00

shado has teamed up with the Athens arts collective Perspectives for a three-city tour in Athens, London and Amsterdam in Spring/Summer 2019. We are very excited to announce that, in just under two weeks, we will be hosting the second leg of our tour at London’s P21 Gallery.

The exhibition will tour the collective work of 11 artists who are currently living in these three cities. Each artist has migrated to Europe and this is an opportunity to provide an international platform to celebrate and showcase their work. Following the huge success of our Athens launch, we are incredibly excited to take this next step in our home city of London.

For more information, and to find out ways to support the tour, please visit our Fundraising page: We have been working very hard to secure funding for the tour, but we still have a way to go. We would appreciate any help we could get!


Tickets are free but you need to register here


The aim of the exhibition is to publicise and promote the artists’ work to a wide, international audience; to switch up perspectives on those who have been through migration to Europe and to provide a space for each artist to take control of their own narrative.

By touring the exhibition, we will connect London, Athens and Amsterdam in a discussion around art, community and inclusion. This will be a real-life opportunity, during this hostile Brexit era, to bring together the work of these international artists and offer a cross-city experience of celebration, art, music and welcome, forging creative connections through the expressive and global language of art.

Each artist has their own story and we want you to discover it through their art. They have been selected to take part in this exhibition, both for their individual talent and also for the important insight that their art adds to the discussion around migration and identity. Whether it is Abdulazez Dukhan’s use of visual storytelling to change perceptions of refugees, or Anna Virabyan’s employment of fine art as a medium of emotional expression, each of the artists involved offers a vital contribution to understanding the topic of migration. Importantly, each artist takes their own first-hand experience to use art as a form of self-narration, for which we are honoured to provide a platform across these three major European cities.

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