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Jack Edmonds: The Alchemist Series

508 Kings Road Gallery
508 Kings Road, Chelsea, SW10 0LD

3rd – 25th May 2018

“A landscape is a world to me, it could be contained in a puddle on the floor, in a cavern under the sea, or somewhere we have never seen on a distant moon. I see parallels between them and find it exciting to explore their similarities.” – J. Edmonds

508 Kings Road Gallery presents one of our own unique artists, Jack Edmonds. The Alchemist Series being his second exhibition at the 508 Gallery includes a series of inimitable landscapes created over the past 4 years due to their fabricating process.

Edmonds born in London and grew up in Hastings has been involved in the arts at an early stage of his life from his inspiring parents. Both being painters themselves, sparked his artistic interests. His work has always been multidisciplinary moving between music, film and painting.

Edmonds previously studied Art and design in Hastings then Moving Image at Brighton. He now works in the Film & video industry in London, whilst maintaining his own artistic practice involving painting and music composition for dance and film productions. During this exhibition, Edmonds will display a short film he directed. The film will be viewed alongside the artwork as it can be seen as an extension of the paintings which explore parallel themes the viewers can draw upon as they please.

The Alchemist Series is about a voyage through a shifting landscape that changes as it’s observed, in search of a substance that may be transmuted into gold. With an interest in the combination of science and art, Edmonds’ aim is to produce organic work with geographical properties evolving before the human eye. Jack combines natural materials like copper, iron and sand to encourage natural forms to emerge. The material layers erode, rust and crack from layering and manipulating these elements over time. He creates a sense of a landscape, inspired by lands seen in books and on his travels. These landscapes mimic the relationship between land and time as natural compounds typically would.

Throughout this exhibition, these pieces challenge the psychology of perception, by not only inviting the viewer to understand what ‘the landscape’ means to them but by the processes Edmonds uses. Edmonds contextualises the colours and forms of natural landscapes, to the materials used in each piece. For instance, instead of using green paint Jack oxidises copper, which creates a natural green pigment.

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