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May 2020
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A Kid Who Walked The Plank

Working Project
Whiteley’s Centre
Third Floor Queensway
W2 4YN

26th to 28th October
Private View: 25th October 18.00 pm – 21.00 pm

Monday 15th October 2018 – Based in London’s Whiteley’s Centre, Working Project is hosting an exciting new residency programme based in West London alongside their creative space, home to artists and startups. Here they hope to encourage emerging artists to expand and experiment with their practice. The historic Whiteleys is London’s first department store and a Grade II Listed building, dating back to 1863, which undertook a £1bn redevelopment in 2016.

This October, Working Project are pleased to announce their second artist-in-residence as 23 year-old Alexander James. To kick start his three-month residency, Alexander will be revealing a new exhibition on-site from 26th – 28th October: ‘A Kid Who Walked the Plank.’

Through his work, Alexander recreates and layers past experiences; whether that’s nostalgic video footage, personal memories, black and white Native American films or stories. He then builds on this by forming his own narrative; in ‘A Kid who Walked the Plank,’ he imagines his works as islands out at sea. Here Alexander draws parallels between the studio and the sea by exploring the idea that walls seem to confine and limit ideas whereas the open expanse of the sea does not.

“My thoughts and processes have always been from the land facing outwards to the sea but I now want to shift my point of view.”

Alexander James

A short story written by Alexander about ‘A Kid Who Walked The Plank’

Short but tall in the mind, soft but hard on my feet – eventually it all made sense. I walked the plank, I walked the plank. It was time for me to fall, only to pick myself up, I became stronger. The outside noise became bearable and I started to hone in on what I really cared about the most. Abstract minds sung the loudest, concerned brains became more muted and finally my own character overtook my personality or did my personality overtake my character, maybe both. I walked the plank, I walked the plank. This plank was grubby maybe even more than the bottom of my shoes. I walked, nearly fell, stayed upright and continued. Power moves and sunshine was all I envisioned. Breathing in the exposed air, uncontrollable winds, sprays of water hitting you at a Ferrari’s pace. I realised this whole time, my thoughts and processes have all been looking into the centre points of landscapes and large open spaces.

About Alexander James

Born in 1993, Alexander lives and works in London where he studied at the Camberwell School of Arts receiving a BA in illustration, where he focused mainly on moving image and painting. Since leaving Camberwell, Alexander’s work has been exhibited in London, Paris and Berlin. Following his three-month residency at Working Project (11 October – 31st December) he will exhibit work for the first time in New York.


About Working Project

Located on the 4th Floor of Whiteleys, the Working Project space is centred around a dominant octagonal glass dome spanning across 12,500 sq ft. Working Project has hosted a series of group art shows; for more information about the residency programme, ‘A Kid Who Walked The Plank’ or press, please email

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