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Forum: Of Hosts & Guests

University College London (UCL)
Mary Ward House
Pushkin House

28th March to 30th March 2019

Forum: Of Hosts & Guests is a three-day series of performances, installations and workshops presented by peripatetic arts organisation, Open Space, from 28-30 March.

Deriving its title  from French philosopher Albert Camus’s 1957 short story L’Hôte, set in French-occupied Algeria, Forum will explore the dichotomy between being a host and a guest and participating artists and audiences will be invited to play with the duality of assuming both roles.

Artists featured in Forum: Of Hosts & Guests

Ghanaian artist Larry Amponsah will present an immersive film, installation and mixed-media workshop, together called DAMNED IF I DO… DAMNED IF I DON’T.  His new film, Looking for Sugar in the Ocean… Who is the Enemy? samples scenes from a lively Ghanaian market, providing a window into people’s daily lives and struggles. He will also host a drawing, painting and collage workshop inviting visitors to interpret their own experience of the space.

British-Ghanaian artist Adelaide Damoah will present a performance called Into the Mind of the Coloniser that will see the artist use her own body to confront Ghana’s colonial history. Damoah will read from directional manuals written by self-proclaimed 19th-century colonisers, recently discovered by the artist in a forgotten archive,  while audience members gradually cut away her traditional ghanaian mourning dress.

British artist Amartey Golding will be showing three films from his Chainmail series, which explores the experiences of black British men.  The project was initiated after two of Golding’s godson’s friends were violently murdered in quick succession.  In Chainmail I Golding’s brother, Solomon (the first black British male dancer to join the Royal Ballet Company) is shown performing to Boom Boom Bye, a Dancehall song famous for its violent homophobic content.

Forum: Of Hosts & Guests will be presented across three cultural venues in Bloomsbury, London: University College London (UCL), Mary Ward House and Pushkin House, and is curated by Katherine Finerty specialising in contemporary African art.

For more details of this event, please see the Open Contemporary Space website 

Image: Still from Amartey Goldings Chainmail series

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